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Open for business – what’s next for the ‘new’ clubbing scene?

Post time: 2:25 pm

After nearly 18 months the UK has been savouring to swap their under-crowded kitchens for overflowing dance floors since the club scene came to a halt, in March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Now that venues are reopening, the risks of contracting and spreading COVID-19 remains. So how will this affect those who enjoy a dose of escapism inside the club?


The clubbing scene is a place of unity, peace, and happiness. But with restrictions and expectations being put into place to attempt to create a wedge between the dance floor and its dancers, it is no surprise that by ‘Freedom Day’, July 19 2021, UK music lovers have struggled to grab back their mojo and get into the groove.


Sourced from Sebastian Evri

So, what’s new?


Encouragement from well-known DJs and artists to take lateral flow tests before entering venues, such as in a Tweet from The ShapeShifters, has been a great support to those who wish to experience clubbing once more.



The latest for Ibiza’s infamous O Beach Club, formally Ocean Beach, owner Wayne Lineker has announced venue packages that include PCR testing. Anyone who is not double vaccinated can purchase one with a starting fee of €45.


Find out more about the packages and pricing, including PCR testing, here:



Festivals and events have kept some restrictions. The selling of limited tickets resulting in smaller crowds to allow social distancing measures is one of them. This has occurred at events such as the CentreForce festival Party in the Park – Part Zoo.


Sourced from Mali Maeder

Can we come in?

The entertainment industry, especially nightlife, has been one of those hit the hardest from the Covid-19 pandemic. With demands for doors to close and events to be cancelled and rescheduled, many club and event owners have been forced to attend a limbo of whether to let the bar fall or to keep going, even if it breaks their backs while doing so.


The unexpected announcement of clubbers having to show proof of double vaccinations by September 2021 to attend events could cause even more trouble for the industry as it starts to get back on its feet. 


Despite the constant setbacks, the industry and its leaders are making clear compromises to keep the faith of the clubs alive.


“Everyone is so scared of dying, that no one is living”

Radio One Mallorca and all-rounder DJ Sean Scanlan thinks the double vaccination announcement, “is another blow to the nightclub industry. There will not be any left if this carries on. The double jab is to encourage the 18–21-year-olds to get theirs like they did with the holidays and then no holidays were allowed. By the end of September, they could put us into another lockdown and clubs could close again.


“If people are willing to go to clubs and events they know the risks, it’s their choice.

“There is also the cost to the clubs for extra staff to check test results/passes. Again, making it harder for them to run and stay open.


“It’s great to see them open again as we need to start living with this. As I have said to many people, everyone is so scared of dying, that no one is living.”


Keeping the Faith

How long will it be until we can reunite on the dance floors without being chastised and forced to show off our medical history?


Music is the answer, and without it, the world will never fully heal. That is why we should keep supporting our venues, adapt to new clubbing habits, and rise against anything that might keep us from expressing ourselves on the dance floor.

Words by Drew-Alexandra O’Keeffe


Go Lyv goes live!

Post time: 2:24 pm

Now that all major restrictions in the UK being lifted, Go Lyv is ready to launch, sharing both its perks and purpose

The year 2021 has been a disastrous period for many people. This is primarily because we have had a third national lockdown in the UK. Unfortunately, this has led us to be inside for the majority of the year yet again.

National lockdowns have been a frequent occurrence ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the UK back in March 2020.




Face masks have been predominantly mandatory throughout the pandemic. Image Credit: Tim Mossholder


With these lockdowns came restrictions, which caused people to suffer financially and socially.

It has been a difficult year and a half. But it seems positivity is on the horizon.

Clubs are reopening and live events are scheduled to go ahead after 16 months of COVID restrictions!

Finally, Go Lyv is now able to launch in full effect!


Nightclubs have reopened in the UK for the first time since March 2020. Image Credit: Sam Mar


Our group ticketing platform is designed to enhance the partying experience for event lovers who are keen to have fun.

We aim to achieve our mission through uniting people together through live events, whether it be in a nightclub, pub or concert.

Users can search for specific events and venues, whilst being able to view the event organisers.


DJs are eager to get back into events and venues! Image Credit: Marcela Laskoski


The tickets for events can be purchased through our website or mobile application – which both have easy navigation.

Go Lyv’s most distinct feature is the sound verification system, a contactless technology that validates tickets and perks by simply being nearby the venue you are attending.


Introducing our sound verification system

Sound verification eliminates the tedious experience of standing in long lines. Instead, it enables users to enter quickly and easily.

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates on events and news.



Written by Dominic Magli